About City Of Angels Women's Film Festival

City of Angels Women’s Film Festival was launched successfully in 2019 with the goal of empowering and connecting women and those identifying as female in the film industry and showcasing extraordinary films made by women, both in Los Angeles and globally.


City of Angels Women’s Film Festival is focused on honoring films that have been directed, produced, written or include a cast driven by women. The screenplay category is open to submissions from both men and women. (Scripts written by men must feature a female protagonist.) We also encourage student filmmakers to submit their work.



 The second annual City of Angels Women’s Film Festival will be hosting an exciting webinar event this year between filmmakers and writers in Los Angeles and London to discuss their craft, share experiences and network.

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Lisa K. Crosato is an Actress and Producer based in Los Angeles, and originally from Vancouver, Canada. She has appeared in numerous independent films, stage plays and worked as a model for close to two decades in Los Angeles.  

Lisa turned to writing and producing to fuel her creativity. Her first written and produced film, “Kenmore Ave” was a hit at Cannes and is now distributed by Shorts TV. She produced a feature length documentary about domestic violence called “From the Midst of Pain” which won over eight awards. She was a producer and helped develop the script on famed director Jean-Pierre Bekolo’s film 
“Les Saignantes” which was shot in French and screened to acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival and internationally. Lisa has several projects in the works including a biopic about Anthony Perkins and has recently completed a feature script about a famous female serial killer.

Her desire to create an arena for female filmmakers to share experiences, showcase their work and build relationships led to becoming the Artistic Director of the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival.

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