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             DEE WALLACE


                                 VIRTUAL PANEL. SEPT 1st 10:00 am Pacific Time. Tickets on Eventbrite. 

 Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television, and stage for over 40 years. Her career began in New York where she studied with famous acting legend Uta Hagen before moving to Los Angeles where she found her mentor, Charles Conrad. With over 200 credits to her name, Ms. Wallace is a true tour de force in the industry, working with countless producers and directors and some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Lewis Teague, Stephen King, Blake Edwards and Rob Zombie. Her many film credits include The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Secret Admirer, The Frighteners, 10 and of course, her role as Mary in Steven Spielberg’s E.T., The Extraterrestrial. She has appeared in almost 200 films, 5 television series, and 400 commercials. Ms. Wallace has just completed three films for release in 2019: Every Other Holiday, Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell, and Jingle Belle. Other recent credits include NCIS, Shooter, and Law and Order L.A.   Ms. Wallace is also starring in Amazon’s series Just Add Magic.


Karrie Stouffer, VP of Creative Services at Shout! Factory, is a Los Angeles-based creative director and designer specializing in entertainment properties. In this role, she oversees key art and packaging development for a slew of theatrical, television, digital and home entertainment projects. Karrie’s expertise spans numerous functions including leading and managing creative campaigns, art direction and design, key art/logo/brand/title treatment development, and project management. Most recently, Karrie has helped spearhead the branding/merchandising of the reboot of the beloved series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, in step with Shout! Factory’s leap into original content.

Prior to joining Shout! Factory in 2008, Karrie worked on the agency side, crafting entertainment campaigns for the likes of Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and even the Sundance Film Festival, freelancing for The Daily Insider. Karrie started her career in Los Angeles at an independent record label, building the art department from the ground up. She has a BA from Colorado State University.



Landi Maduro is no stranger to making her own path. She has worked professionally as a singer and actress for over 10 years. However, unhappy with the lack of roles available to African American women, she decided to go a different route and explore writing, producing and photography. The first project she produced was, "I Can't Pretend". She developed a fondness for producing and discovered a propensity for wearing many hats. Next she co-produced and starred in "Sheroes". The dual role as co-producer and star was an exhilarating experience. Not content to stop there, she decided to take on the ultimate challenge of directing. She made her directorial debut shooting the infomercial for the book, "Faces I Have Seen" and she has continued to direct and produced short films, features, music videos, small business commercials, business tutorials and documentaries since launching her production company, Bluechild Entertainment, in 2012. Her most fulfilling project to date is, The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer In The African American Community. With this documentary she challenged herself as a writer, producer, and director and began touring and lecturing nationwide advocating prostate cancer awareness. Landi is a member of the Zero Health Disparities Task Force, where she works with various doctors, scientist and community leaders to promote advocacy and affordable care for veterans and minority men dealing with prostate cancer. She is also the proud founder & President of Women of Color Filmmakers; a nonprofit organization of over 1000 members that garners support, skill building and networking for female filmmakers as they pursue careers in film and television.


Lisa London has been a Casting Director for 30 plus years and has cast over a 100 successful film and television shows. She has discovered and/or cast along with her business partner, Catherine Stroud, many notable actors and actresses early in their careers who have all gone on to become stars; such as Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, Jonah Hill in Grandma’s Boy, Emma Stone, Katharine McPhee and Kat Dennings in House Bunny, Selena Gomez in the Disney pilot of What’s Stevie Thinking, Jennifer Aniston in her first feature, Leprechaun, Brad Pitt in the series, Freddy’s Nightmares, Mark Ruffalo in the CBS series, Due South, Megan Hilty, Adrian R. Mante and Victoria Justice in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Yara Shahidi in her first television series, The First Family.


Plus in the challenging year of 2020, Lisa and Catherine cast 7 films that went into production, The Inheritance in Columbus, Georgia, Basement in Long Island, Romancing The Cure in Malta, Canyon Del Muerto in New Mexico, Old Henry in Nashville, State of Consciousness and Eddie and Sunny in Rome.


Lisa is currently teaching monthly on-line audition classes where she helps actors with many aspects of their careers such as audition technique, improvisation exercises, making stronger choices, breaking down scenes and she helps actors build confidence in themselves including assisting them to turn their goals into realities.


Lisa also wrote a book, From Start To Stardom (The Casting Director’s Guide For Aspiring Actors). The book is a step-by-step journey, laying out what you need to know to have the best shot at stardom.  The book is available on Amazon.


Instagram:  @lisalondoncasting                    

Clubhouse: @llondoncasting

Tiktok:         @lisalondoncasting                                               



thumbnail_James Barrett portrait .png

Director, Producer, Writer and Adventurer Gregg Masuak's extensive and eclectic career has spanned all forms of communication, entertainment, and media. A multiple graduate with a Certificate in Cinematography (NSTC) and a BA in Communications (University of Technology, Sydney), Masuak initially gained the attention of music executives with his earliest, avant-garde shorts, launching a career that found him directing such iconic stars as Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion and Take That. His expertise in bringing out the best in people earned him a Juno and two MTV Awards and subsequently led the ad industry to his doorstep.


Masuak moved to putting his acclaimed emotional and visual stamp on such diverse brands as Emporio Armani, Barclays, NEC, Olay and NSPCC, all the while honing his passion for his own special brand of unusual storytelling. He gained a reputation for extracting great performances from both novices and celebrities, working with actors like Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox and Salma Hayek. His film "Born With Glasses" won Best Comedy/Satire in the Chicago International Film Festival, and beyond the accolades Masuak has championed a truly international voice and is a fierce supporter of the alternative. The Independent and The Huffington Post dubbed his Aids Alliance "Come Together" spot as "one of the most provocative ads to be screened on British television." His short film "I'll Meet You There" was exhibited at the prestigious Tate Modern in London and will be unfolding as a feature film, "Everything Depends On This", expected to be presented at the Tate Modern again, this coming year.


Masuak's visual style has recently further evolved with him returning more and more to combining the roles of Director and Director of Photography for projects that require his signature nuanced, intimate point of view. On the front-burner Masuak is engaged in a series of self-penned feature film and television projects, notably "Flycatcher" - a darkly comic thriller which won rave reviews in a staged version recently in London and which recently won "Most Innovative Screenplay" at City of Angels Women's Film Festival; "Canoga Faults" - a 1-hour TV dramedy/metaphysical thriller gaining alliances in Hollywood; "Jammed In Zero", a timely farce about belief systems collapsing in our overwhelming world; and "The Keeper", a haunting metaphysical thriller dealing with themes of addiction, loss, reality and forgiveness, based on true events. Meanwhile Masuak is also author of the irreverent "The Spiritual Slob", a self-help book like no other, set to feature Masuak on-screen as the world's mouthiest anti-guru in a series of oblique adventures around this crazy planet of ours. 



Virtual Panel with Dee Wallace on Thursday  Sept 1st 10:00 am PACIFIC TIME

Paul is a British Canadian Producer based in the UK specialising in short films. Over the past decade Paul has produced and worked closely with new and established filmmakers including the following award winning projects: DING-DING, NEXT? by Alexander McKenzie & India Plummer (Screen South/BBC Creatives), Alice Trueman’s JAS (Red Rock Production Award), Eleanor Dolan’s READY OR NOT (Screen South/C4 Random Acts, Best Micro Film, NRFF), Joshua Kerr’s FLY HOME (Super 8s Cannes & World 25 winner) and trans director/actor Jake Graf’s COCKTALE & XY (Iris Prize Nominee). His first documentary PEMON was commissioned by the BFI and the DocSociety (formerly BritDoc) is currently in post-production.Paul’s latest online series, the comedy self-help #HONESTY by Niall Bishop and Ruggero Dalla Santa will premiere in Feb. 2022. Paul was also the Co-Producer of the feature film DARK SIGNAL (Netflix USA, SKY Cinema & Kaleidoscope) by Edward Evers-Swindell with James Cosmos and Exec. Produced by Neill Marshall.

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